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Silver Magic
August 9, 2010, 8:11 pm
Filed under: Photography

Today I did a traditional black and white toning workshop with my first year students. There is something to be said about traditional photographic processes. The magic of silver and light creating an image on a flat surface is absolutely beautiful. I hope we never completely lose these magical moments that have been with us since Fox-Talbot. How magnificent, how utterly magnificent. You can never understand the feeling of joy and amazement that comes as you stand in the darkroom, with a soft red light gently glowing overhead, your image emerging onto a two dimensional surface.

When I first took up photography more than twenty years ago, I spent many days bunking history, science and biology classes, and spending many hours alone in the darkroom watching slices of life turn into timeless exposures. Time after time I was dazed by the image that emerged.

Today I felt the joy one feels when something is rediscovered, like finding a box of letters written by a lover. I remembered why I love photography, why I love the moments I spend behind a camera or in a darkroom. It s about the surprises, the excitement, the moments that go beyond the madness of modern life and mundane boredom of everyday.


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dig it, love the darkroom…just wish I had a bit more time to spend there.

Comment by sanctamonius

Really beautiful, but… Isn’t there an iPad app for that?

Comment by mvzphoto

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