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January 6, 2010, 11:10 am
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Camels To Buy - Dubai 2006


Ok so its 2010. What does this mean?  It is a new year, with new adventures, new opportunities and new frustrations. I ended up in the office today, well like I had any choice.  So I decided how best could I use my time?  Maybe I should finish the development work I need to do.  Good idea, but who wants to think on their first day back at the office?  Maybe I should respond to some emails. No use, all you get is ‘Out of Office’ responses. Which makes you think that while everyone else is still on holiday you’re the idiot back at work. Facebook? Boring. Twitter? Forgotten my password and login. So I decided to blog. 

Got me thinking what is the psychology behind blogging? Why spend the time to make all your private thoughts public. Private? Privacy? Mmm, no does not exist! We have none in today’s modern society.  Every email, sms, mms or pms that goes out is retained in cyberspace and is cached somewhere, somehow forever.  We have managed to reach a state of cyber immortality.  So someone in the future can read what I have written, here- now, and think either I am a remarkably philosophical artist or a complete moron who should be working.

Love it.  Love life and love the fact that I can live how I want.  And so can you!


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